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10 February 2011

"TheAmazingRace" | Did You Know??

selak punya selak majalah.. terjumpe sesuatu yg menarik ntuk dikongsi..
sy mmg la sgt suke dgn rncangan reality show TheAmazingRace ni.. 
nak tgk dunia luar, cmne keadaan nye di negara orang kan..

"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things"

Did You Know...
Although they are in a ride of a lifetime, participants on the amazing race are not allowed to take pics of their travels. This is to prevent the images from getting into the hands of the public b4 the show airs. Find out other interesting facts about this Emmy-award-winning race that may surprise u:

Q : What happens when the filming crew cannot get on the same flight as the team they are assigned to?
The team cannot get on any flight or any other transportation without its filming crew – a cameraman and a sound technician for each team. Each team must get 4 tickets – 2 for themselves and 2 for the crew. On tv u seen them booking 2 tckets but off camera, the ask for 4.

Q : When travelling in cars why do contestants who r not driving, always sit behind the driver?
The cameraman always gets the front seat while sound man sits behind the cameraman. By doing so, its allows the cameraman to get a clear shot both the driver and the contestant.

Q : Why do the teams stand around reading the clues? Cant they read it on the way to the next task? Its a waste of time?
It is rule. When a team is given a clue, they must stop whateva they r doing to read it aloud in front of  the camera. This rule is so important, they r even tested on it b4 the race begins!

Q : Do the teams stop to eat or go to the toilet?
They can if they want to but they will lose time. Since food and toilets are provided at the pit stops,  many teams will usually try to get through a leg with as few stops as possible. They also often pack food from the pit stop b4 embarking on the next leg.

Q : What happens once the teams arrive at the pit stop?
They use this time to do their laundry, eat, take toilet breaks, record intebius abt the day’s events and sleep. They r not allowed to leave the pit stop to sightseee as the may accidentally bump into production crews setting up for the next leg. Sometimes however, the teams will be taken on supervised tours.

Q : Are eliminated contestants sent home immediately?
No. They r sent to a secret location and must remain there untul tthey are flown to the final pit stop at the end of the race. During their stay, they will be given some money to spend and can relax. However, they cannot contact their family and friends.

source : Astro View Traveller February 2011


FaraCuna said...

wow..nice info babe..

baru aku tau sume2 tu arini..huhu..

SHaRKFiQ SSM said...

owh, thanks for da info beb!!
all those questions always playing in mymind too~ hehe..

i have a dream to join dis race, but can we managed to solat through our race, as its really talk about TIME~

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